Management System Quality at COSI
specifies the necessary elements to

a) Demonstrate our capacity to provide products that meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients and the applicable recognized standards.

b) To increase our clients’ satisfaction through the application of continuous improvement processes and to assure our clients’ specifications are met as well as the pertinent standards.

The system of quality management of COSI reaches all the processes of reception and storage of raw materials, processes of cutting, folding, rolling and soldering; storing of unfinished and finished products; product delivery according to the clients’ needs.

The Management System Quality at COSI is in line with the elements establised in the ISO 9001 : 2000 norms, excluding the following articles:

- 7.5.2 validation of the production processes and services provided, due to the fact that products processes by COSI verified internally.

This exclusion does not affect the ability and responsibility to COSI to provide a product that meets customer requirements and applicable regulations.

Tracking Procedures

With the objective of identifying the state of the product with regards to its required specifications, at COSI, we have implemented the use of tags that indicate the product’s progress during the fabrication process and the final production stage, as a form of product identification.

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